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About the Car Place in Lockport NY

you need help with financing, we're more than happy to work with you! Work directly with us and not a third party financing service. Credit extended on character and common sense, we NEVER pull credit reports, TRWs, Equifaxes or credit scores.

We offer a monthly Buy Here Pay Here plan with no interest and no financing fees. Zero interest. Cash and carry is always available.

We post the Kelly Blue Book price on the back window of every car we have on the lot. If you go through our Buy Here Pay Here program, it is the Kelly Blue Book that we use to establish the price of the vehicle. If you happen to be a cash and carry customer, it is then that Kelly Blue Book (price) that we discount by 10% for those cash and carry sales. 

The monthly Buy Here Pay Here plan begins with a refundable security deposit of $1500. We then take the Kelly Blue Book value and divide it by the monthly payment, which starts at $249.99. This tells us how many months it will take to pay off the car. When you make your final installment payment, you get the $1500 returned (it functions like an apartment security deposit).

Buy Here Pay Here Lockport Car Inventory

Three warranties are extended with ever sale no matter how you approach the purchase.

  • First, is a 100% money back guarantee any time within the first 72 hours. Once you've actually taken possession of the vehicle, you then have three days to get acquainted with that automobile. If it's not exactly what you wanted, you return it, I refund you every thing you paid and there are no questions asked.
  • 30-day bumper to bumper mechanical warranty. Covers every thing. Belts, hoses, cigarette lighter, wiper blades, motor, and transmission.
  • You also have protection under the New York state lemon law. Based on mileage, you could pick up 30, 60 or in some cases even 90 additional days of coverage as well. 

Once you decide on a vehicle it will be prepped and ready within 24-72 hours. In that time we do several things on your behalf:

  • Car is professionally detailed
  • A new inspection sticker
  • A fresh oil change
  • A transmission tune up
  • Full tank of gasoline
  • We register everything at the DMV for you as well

So when you do come to pick it up, you're just drive it home. Your plates will already be on it and sticker will be in the window.

Dealer plates are available for test drives and if you'd like to bring a vehicle to your personal mechanic. You are more than welcome to get it all checked over before you buy!

No Credit Check Car Financing Lockport

Lockport used cars, trucks and SUVs with a 100% money back guarantee, bumper to bumper mechanical and limited warranty. Check our our inventory of used cars, trucks and SUVs. We are a buy here pay here car dealer serving Lockport, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst and Niagara Falls.

We are here 11am to 5pm Monday through Friday. 11 to 3 on Saturdays and if these hours are not convenient for you, if you call me, I'll always be willing to open early or stay late on any day that I am already open to accommodate your schedule.

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The Car Place in Lockport NY is a buy here pay here car lot. 0% financing with no credit checks and a 100% money back guarantee. Lockport Car Dealership with easy auto loans and no credit check financing. The Car Place was established in 1986.

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